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Dear readers seeking the Truth,

I have something important for you…

..important message for ALL PEOPLE’S! – see link: https://1url.cz/SKFOq
BOOK released in Czech as PDF format day 23.12.2019 and as a web “click” version from 05/2020.
It is now gradually being translated into English (please, watch it continuously…)

I would like to warn all English-speaking readers and true researchers of God’s word, those who sincerely seek the Truth, that as a translator I do not speak English (but very good Russian), yet I have finally decided to undertake this activity. I use the Google translator for translation. By various combinations and variations of words, by removing or adding, I try to make the text identical with the Czech one, and thus pass on exactly the same information to the English-speaking reader.

Please judge if I’m really doing it right.

The Czech publication is available here under the title “Daniel – Tajemství ukončena, pečetě rozlomeny” and you also have a link at the bottom of each page in the English version.

For the time being, as of today, Wednesday, September 1, 2021, I have translated the first 6 chapters, including the Introduction, Preface and Contents.

If any of you speak Czech and English very well and, thanks to our Creator and Father, Jehovah God, are a sincere follower of Jehoshua Christ and also want to put our hand to the work, simply ask the Father for his Spirit, because this is not a human work …

… and maybe he’ll let you join.

Since the end of SEPTEMBER 2015, we have been living in the TIME OF END.
Early OCTOBER 2020 it began the GREAT tribulation.
…everything will culminate in the middle of JANUARY 2022 and will be completed in MAY 2022.

The follower of Yehoshua Christ and the witness of Jehovah God, the Father.

Boleslav Kristal
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By Boleslav Křišťál


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